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Hi, I am 18 years old, Radiant NA/EU. If you want to see the best Raze in the world we can smash your elo together with duoQ orders. Feel free to request me as your booster and you won't regret it. ALSO WHEN U ASSIGN ANY ORDERS, you could get the free net win, but it depends on that order will be assigned, soo feel free to assign ur order talk with me and get ur free win. Read more
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booster rating 4,91
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131 reviews
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Champion Statistics
ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG DamageWinrate
Raze278 19,95 12,5 5,56 2,04 3.860,13 / game 89,21%
Jett29 17,41 13,21 4,31 1,64 3.311,38 / game 86,21%
Viper25 16,88 13,64 6,68 1,73 3.298,8 / game 88,0%
Neon23 18,83 12,87 4,91 1,84 3.460,7 / game 91,3%
Reyna16 19,44 11,69 4,44 2,04 3.624,44 / game 93,75%
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Coaching duration
25 € / h
2 Hour(s)
Total amount
50 €
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Sorbonne
3. okt. 2022
2 wins in Platinum III
Quality Boost, Friendly!
Quality Boost, Friendly!
27. sep. 2022
1 wins in Immortal
Friendly, communicative
Friendly, communicative and fast!
25. sep. 2022
Platinum III to Diamond I
nice guy
nice guy :D and good player
23. sep. 2022
1 wins in Ascendant III
18. sep. 2022
Platinum I to Platinum II
great and fast
great and fast
17. sep. 2022
Diamond III to Ascendant I
Very nice
Very nice and professional!
16. sep. 2022
Immortal to Immortal
Good job bro
Good job bro
14. sep. 2022
1 wins in Ascendant III
nice friendly
nice friendly
11. sep. 2022
Immortal to Immortal
Sorbonne did
Sorbonne did not follow any of my instructions to appear offline and play the specific agents. This would not be his first time doing so unfortunately.
11. sep. 2022
3 wins in Platinum III
Good job.
Good job. Really quick and efficient
10. sep. 2022
Diamond II to Diamond III
easy to
easy to talk to and fast
4. sep. 2022
Gold III to Platinum I
He was
He was helpful with my order since there was a problem— won’t describe but the booster got me a double rank up in my order, technically got more what I paid for. Would recommend if you want a quick boost.
25. aug. 2022
Immortal III to Radiant
the best
the best
10. aug. 2022
4 wins in Diamond III
So fast,
So fast, very nice guy. Very reliable.
29. jul. 2022
Diamond I to Diamond II
super fast
super fast
25. jul. 2022
1 wins in Diamond III
fast and
fast and got the dub
22. jul. 2022
Ascendant I to Ascendant II
Brilliant as
Brilliant as usual
19. jul. 2022
Gold I to Gold II
Super fast!
Super fast!
17. jul. 2022
1 wins in Ascendant I
17. jul. 2022
Immortal to Immortal
+++++++ god
+++++++ god tier raze +++++++
16. jul. 2022
Immortal to Immortal
1. jul. 2022
Diamond III to Immortal
27. jun. 2022
Platinum III to Ascendant I
Very fast
Very fast very nice very good
26. jun. 2022
Diamond I to Immortal
the best
the best of the best, literally. you will never go wrong picking him.