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Challenger Booster With 95% win ratio over solo And duo q orders, I Promise you with high win ratio , Fast, Professional and Friendly Service, Boosting Full time Job so expect your order to be finished Fast Playing Roughly 10-12 hours everyday Feel free to Assign me your orders and you will have the best experience Ever <3.
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booster rating 4,99
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512 reviews
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Champion Statistics
ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Hecarim1654 10,8 2,52 9,4 8,01 64,99 / game 96,61%
Karthus207 9,37 4,28 11,43 4,86 71,41 / game 95,17%
Nami106 3,42 3,78 23,14 7,02 8,67 / game 98,11%
Talon97 14,19 4,14 6,86 5,08 161,27 / game 96,91%
Evelynn42 12,5 2,07 8,02 9,91 59,05 / game 100,0%
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Eruka
27. sep. 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
clean and
clean and quick wins
26. sep. 2022
1 wins in Platinum III
The friendliest
The friendliest and most professional jungler! Always a blast to play with him. He is always interested in giving you advice so you improve on your playstyle in the long run. Would always recommend!
24. sep. 2022
Silver IV to Gold IV
Eruka is
Eruka is not only an exceptional LOL player, also is a great person, who loves what they do. Very professional service, got me 26 wins in a row. 100% win rate!! OMG! Eruka is so nice, I was watching some of the replays of his games and I asked him questions and he was very inclined to help me understand why he did what he did. I highly recommend his services, he even won a game that had two AFKs 😂 Superb game knowledge and champion mechanics and skill and it shows!
22. sep. 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
100% win
100% win rate ....... and he went against another booster in our last match AND BEAT HIM !!! LOL THIS GUY IS A GOD.
20. sep. 2022
Gold IV to Gold II
Superior booster!
Superior booster! Gotta be rank 1 Hecarim or in the Jungle in general. Guaranteed 100% win. Highly recommended
19. sep. 2022
Silver III to Gold III
Anglais super efficient
Anglais super efficient and very good communication with the requestor
17. sep. 2022
Gold II to Platinum IV
Er ist
Er ist einfach unschlagbar 100 Prozent erfolgreich in den Games. Werde in immer wieder buchen.
16. sep. 2022
Gold IV to Gold III
Excellent booster!
Excellent booster! best hecarim ever seen with 100% winrate
15. sep. 2022
Silver IV to Silver III
very good
very good
14. sep. 2022
1 wins in Silver IV
very good
very good
13. sep. 2022
Silver IV to Gold II
150 Prozent
150 Prozent Erfolgreich bei den Wins. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit Eureka würde Diesen Booster nochmal haben wollen.
8. sep. 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
Great guy
Great guy to play with. I had a lot of fun while climbing. Recommend him 100%.
6. sep. 2022
Bronze III to Gold IV
Not only
Not only the best, the best by far. Lovely kind person, big heart. Not just the best, a god, bronze to gold 100% WR ! are you serious ?! OMG Not just the best, a new friend. <3
5. sep. 2022
1 wins in Gold III
as always perfect
as always perfect
4. sep. 2022
Iron IV to Silver IV
with the
with the service I'm satisfied except could be a little more Lp because 1LP ranging then poop and then you are bronze again
2. sep. 2022
Silver III to Gold IV
Best Booster
Best Booster so far, Very friendly, answers to all Questions, being really nice doing Favors giving Tips. Also is fast and knows what he do, watching him is really statisfying never tilts would recommend him and use his service if needed again ♥
31. aug. 2022
Gold I to Platinum IV
Very friendly
Very friendly and quick! 10/10!
29. aug. 2022
Gold III to Platinum IV
Such a
Such a beast! Quick, friendly and professional. This is my 3rd time boosting with Eruka and it has been such a blast.
28. aug. 2022
2 wins in Platinum IV
polite and
polite and really good !=)
26. aug. 2022
Silver III to Gold III
Best ever.
Best ever.
25. aug. 2022
Platinum II to Diamond IV
This is
This is the friendliest 1v9 Hecarim Machine ive ever seen, he never tilts give´s you good advice´s and he is an absolutly beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24. aug. 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
spectacular ,
spectacular , recommended 100%
22. aug. 2022
Silver IV to Gold II
was fast
was fast and good
21. aug. 2022
3 games with 2 booster(s) Tier II
100% win
100% win rate so far! I'm impressed