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Hi ! I'm proplayer and Grandmaster rank Korea i will carry all ranked let me know !.
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ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Irelia120 7,98 5,2 4,92 2,48 226,6 / game 70,83%
Graves112 9,62 4,37 6,73 3,74 202,0 / game 75,0%
Kindred109 13,4 4,82 7,28 4,3 142,79 / game 86,24%
Kaisa89 11,28 4,63 6,54 3,85 209,69 / game 83,15%
Diana81 10,27 5,54 7,28 3,17 182,05 / game 66,67%
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Genuine customer feedbacks about daudo1608
30. sep. 2022
Platinum IV to Diamond IV
28. sep. 2022
Diamond IV to Diamond I
He's very
He's very good duo partner. Will use him again!
28. aug. 2022
Platinum IV to Diamond IV
he is
he is very good high winrate but sus!
23. aug. 2022
Diamond II to Diamond I
quality booster
quality booster and will play with again
16. aug. 2022
Gold I to Platinum IV
Gave him
Gave him the benefit at the start but the constant flaming of teammates and then when I told him not to worry about the 1 net win he insisted on playing and lost 3 straight games with no win and marked the order as complete haha funny guy
21. jul. 2022
Platinum III to Platinum II
good and fast
good and fast
20. jul. 2022
Diamond IV to Diamond III
he performed
he performed very well in every game that he played and only lost 1 game in diamond. I do not mind waiting the full time for the order if the player is of this quality. will definitely be requesting him for my next order.
12. jul. 2022
5 wins in Diamond III
Great, fast
Great, fast and efficient.
8. jul. 2022
1 wins in Diamond II
great guy
great guy
29. jun. 2022
Gold III to Platinum IV
Daudo was
Daudo was very great to work with. Very nice guy, and very communicative. Would 100% reccommend.
22. jun. 2022
Platinum IV to Platinum III
Very skilled,
Very skilled, easy wins
20. jun. 2022
Silver I to Gold I
Very Helpful
Very Helpful and finished my order fast!
19. jun. 2022
Platinum IV to Platinum II
12. jun. 2022
Platinum IV to Diamond IV
maybe just
maybe just take 2 orders a time, sometimes you will be over the deadline.
3. jun. 2022
Gold II to Gold I
29. maj 2022
3 wins in Platinum II
17. maj 2022
2 wins in Platinum IV
Went 0-2
Went 0-2 in my games. Pretty miserable experience.
14. maj 2022
10 Placement matches Platinum IV
Amazing, everything
Amazing, everything I needed was done swiftly, and super kind guy
23. apr. 2022
Silver IV to Gold III
Great! Followed
Great! Followed my criteria perfectly.
3. apr. 2022
Gold III to Platinum IV
He is
He is nice and carried each game and is really good
22. mar. 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Nice jg
Nice jg
20. mar. 2022
Gold III to Gold II
very good
very good and fast
20. mar. 2022
Silver III to Silver II
very awesome kindred
very awesome kindred
17. mar. 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
very polite
very polite and quick