Tusindvis fejrer på gaderne i Kina, da EDG vinder verdener 2021

The recent triumph of EDward Gaming at the Worlds 2021 is more than just a championship for the team and many other people in China.

During the evening of November 16th, 2021, people met outdoors with a tinge of hope. Why is this, you ask? Well, their favorite team EDG found themselves on the cusp of winning the Summoner's Cup in the grand finals next to Korea's DWG KIA.

Few expected them to put up much of a fight against the defending champions, and rightfully so. EDG arrived at this stage as the number one competitor of their respective league, which can be expected for any team to do if put in that position.

EDG hobbled their way to the finals through an underwhelming end to their group stage and two consecutive grueling series, unlike DWG, who carried plenty of steam from their current Worlds run.

Nevertheless, the momentous qualification of the finals got the spirits of fans undoubtedly high. After nearly 10 years in the LPL, which saw them appear on the Worlds many times and win six domestic titles, the team finally reached the stage fans had always envisioned.

Even though there was still a reason to worry about whether EDG would be able to complete their extraordinary journey, they defeated tough opponents from Gen.G to Royal Never Give Up before facing DWG.

Most fans expected the magic of EDG to expire just then and there. That is why the score was behind 2-1 during the series.

The team's wariness was on the ideology of the fans being right. However, to the fans' surprise, the team started playing above expectations just before EDG was done with the tournament.

EDG vs. DK

EDG overran DWG to force Game 5 by facing eliminations through an excellent early game and crucial smite fight wins. That was the second time ever in World's grand final history.

EDward Gaming decisively continued that pressure and performed some of the most remarkable runs in the tournament's history. Through their effort, they were awarded the Summoners Cup and crowned the league's king.

The team states that "We feel like all our efforts have finally paid off." EDG support, Meiko, also spoke at a post-series press conference and said it was the happiest moment in his career.

Thousands of Chinese fans celebrate their achievement in various locations as the team huddled in jubilation. This includes some individuals that were half naked running with the EDG flag in their hands. College dormitories served as gambling locations where incalculable bets were being paid.

One of the most exciting things about the win was the stadium. It was packed with thousands of fans that cheered and led their team to victory. You can compare this even to something similar to a significant event like the Olympics.


China is ubiquitously known for its love for Esport, which showed in the unbridled emotion displayed by the fans of EDward Gaming. People, old and young, gathered to celebrate the team's win, and we can't wait to see where EDG ends up in the next Worlds Championship.

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