Sådan udjævnes din LOL -konto hurtigt

As you start playing League of Legends, you want to move quickly through the levels so that you get more power and fun. There isn’t just one way to level up quickly, and this guide tells you how to level up your LoL account fast, whether you want to pay money or do it free.


Here are a few things to note:


  • It takes about 40,000 Experience to go from Level 1 to 30.
  • You can get an Experience bonus from the experience boosts and your first win of the day in bonus stacks.
  • You need 200 games to get to Level 30 without any experience boosts; that means playing six games each day for one month.
  • Winning the 5v5 normals gives you 240 experience, but you only get 160 if you lose!


Fastest – Turbolvling


The overall fastest way to level up in LoL is to buy the 10 Wins XP Boost and the 40 Wins XP Boost with the three-day XP Boost. This costs about $33. That might not be enough, so you can play 15 to 20 games of the Summoner’s Rift Blind Pick and Howling Abyss for that three-day boost. Doing that three days in a row and winning most of the games gets you to level 30 very quickly!


Slowest – Efficient Leveling


While your goal is to level up faster, you may want to take your time and enjoy the gameplay. This method is free, but it takes longer than classic leveling. It focuses on playing one winning game to abuse the First Win of the Day bonus each day. You do nothing else, and it guarantees that you get roughly 400 Experience each day.


With this, you should level up to 30 in 100 days or three months.


The Secret Method


There is another method to level up your account, which is a hybrid of the last two mentioned. It costs about $22, which is less than the Turbolvling method and takes less time than the first-win bonus option.


Some people level up to 30 in 50 days, or about two months. Account sellers level up accounts like this and do so because it’s time- and cost-efficient. They purchase the 40-win boost option and play a winning game each day to use the boost experience bonus and first-win bonus efficiently.


With this method, account sellers level up 15 accounts all at once. Then, they profit from that.


If you aren’t looking to make money but want to level up fast, you can purchase one of these accounts and start at Level 30.


Tips for Leveling Up


Here are a few tips to help you level up quickly, regardless of what method you choose:


  • Win every game
  • Honor someone to increase honor-level progress
  • Play the special maps whenever possible




You’ve learned how to level up your LoL account fast, and that means you can have more fun, more power, and find new things. Whether you choose to buy boosts or not, these tips can help you increase your experience and level up quickly.


Everyone can use these tips and make the most of their gameplay. League of Legends can take you far!


Meta Description: Do you find that your League of Legends characters don’t level up that quickly? Read this guide to see how to level up your LoL account fast!




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